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Keenan Marina offers storage all year round and can accommodate any vessel.  We have four different storage options to choose from:
  • Inside Heated 
  • Outside
  • Vessel on a Trailer
  • Inside Heated Rack Storage
*Inside Heated Floor Storage:

$6.25 a Square Foot

*Inside Heated on a Rack (Less than 26 ft):


*Inside Heated on a Rack (26' and 27'):


Inside Heated on a Trailer:

0' - 34'               $40.00 Linear Foot

35' over             Call for Quote

*Outside Storage: 

$18.80 Linear Foot 

*Trailer Storage

$250.00 per Season 1&2 axle  $350.00 3 axle

*Jet Ski or Dinghy

$250.00 Single
$500.00 Double

**Includes Haul Out, Launch, Pressure Wash, and Bunking